About Us

Brite Media is a division of Britecorp Ltd, a private limited liability corporation formed in Scotland.

The Brite Media division was set up to tackle the issue of niche interest publishing on the web.

While a number of large websites are able to cover a wide range of topic areas with voluminous content, it is difficult for niche interests to be properly served by such an approach.

Brite Media therefore aims to properly cater for this niche interests, by developing websites which are clearly about single niche topic areas, and can present a wide range of news and discussion topics which may otherwise be overlooked on other sites.

By developing sites, by niche, the aim is to ensure a clear niche identity, and improved communication channels between the industries covered, and the users and consumers of those industries looking for as detailed coverage as possible.

At all times, Brite Media aims to ensure reporting integrity, and rather than outsource writing overseas, focuses on hiring journalists from across the UK to provide information delivery of a high standard of quality.